Nikiti Breeze

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Nikiti Breeze

YAMAS GLOBAL has been operating in Greece since 2018 and specializes in locating, purchasing, initiating, improving and management properties in Greece.
We are proud to present the project: Nikiti Breeze

A closed, prestigious complex with a variaty of 12 apartments and duplexes, that we are renovating from the ground up.
A developement of privately owned properties in Tabu, at the beginning of the second of the Halkidiki peninsulas, a tourism and recreation area.

A Greek Vacation Resort in Developement

The property already stands as a skeleton, that will be developed into a resort, a complete complex that caters to its residents, whether they are guests or if you choose to stay here yourself.

The renovation includes the renewal of infrastructure, all facades, comprehensive interior renovation, and a design that aims for a high level of luxury. Each property will be fully furnished and equipped with electrical appliances and kitchenware.

The goal is to create properties that have a high income capacity and maintain their high quality over the years, so they can continue to serve you effectively for an extended period of time.



A Managed Experience

The Nikiti Breeze complex offers a Short Term Rental agreement in advance through our company. This agreement is tailored to platforms like Airbnb, Booking, and others, providing you with peace of mind in the management of your property.

Hosting, maintenance, rent collection, payments to authorities, and all other tasks required for property management are taken care of.

As both the developer and management company, YAMAS GLOBAL shares a common interest with you in ensuring prolonged and continuous rental periods at competitive prices that are suitable for the market.


Your Vacation Home

The Nikiti Breeze Complex offers purchasing a private property, in one of the most stunning areas in Greece.

Located just an hour away from Thessaloniki airport, the complex is situated approximately 600m from the beach, providing breathtaking open sea views from each of the villas.

Plan your family vacations with ease using our rental calendar. You can conveniently book your desired property for your preferred dates.



Golden Visa

Various units in the complex meet the investment threshold required to purchase a property suitable for submitting a Golden Visa application in Greece. This visa offers a 5-year residency permit with the future potential of obtaining a Greek passport, granting access to the European Union.

The law firm not only assists with the transaction, contracts, and registration in Tabu but also handles the Golden Visa processes. This allows us to manage the simultaneous processes of purchasing the right real estate and initiating the visa application process.

The Location

Nikiti, Halkidiki, is a fantastic destination boasting breathtaking blue waters, an exceptional atmosphere, and excellent facilities. It is located 38 km south of Poligyros, the main town of Halkidiki, and 90 km from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG).

Nature lovers can enjoy a unique experience at beautiful spots like the nearby beach of Koviou.

Close to Everything

The villas are situated within a secure compound and are conveniently close to the beach. In the immediate vicinity, you will find a wide range of services at your disposal.

12 Villas for Sale

The project in Nikiti comprises of 12 villas, offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

From 50 sqm garden apartments with 2 bedrooms, to stunning cottages with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, you can choose the unit that best fits your budget and needs.

Every unit, regardless of size, comes with balconies, private pools, parking, and a private garden. Additionally, all units are delivered in a finished condition, ready to welcome guests.




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