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This is a showcase for a unique redevelopment project in an superb location on an iconic Greek street – Egnatia.

Our project is for the refurbishment of a complete urban building and conversion from office to residential units.

The building is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, very close to the central Aristotelous square, and on the other side to Agia Sofia another central BLVD in the heart ot thessaloniki, only 30 meters from the soon to be open Metro station and 600 meters from the water line (6 min walking).

There will be 43 apartments of various categories, from small microflats up to 4-bedroom units.

The Property

The building is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, in the central district. It is close to the Aristotelous square, Agia sofia BLVD and sea promenade. 30 meters from the upcoming Metro.

The City

The center of Thessaloniki has always been a major attraction for young people and explorers of the city. having plenty of options to explore.

The city has preserved several of its unique monuments that justify the
unique history of the city

King Cassander of Macedonia founded Thessaloniki in 315 BC. The King named it in honor of his wife Thessalonike. She was half-sister to the famous Alexander the Great.

It was one of the major cities of the kingdom during the Hellenistic Era.
This city has always been very diverse, offering asylum to many different ethnic groups. It has also always been an ideal location for trade, with plenty of wealth flowing through the city’s port. The steady stream of new people and new ideas from all over the world gave Thessaloniki a cosmopolitan atmosphere that is still there to this day.

Egnatia External

Our Product

A unique short term rental building that offers a homey feeling alongside a luxurious touch to provide a special experience to the city visitors from its central location to the sites nearby.

We will provide a range of services and facilities bundled with the units, that will raise value and the potential future value of the investment based on our improvements and the location we are situated in the city.

Put simply we aim to create an luxurious offer that is priced at local average levels.



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Smart micro flat - Proposed interior Design

Floor Plans

Size and Costs

As you can see in the units available to purchase we offer a full package from purchase, construction, furniture and even the accessories as we call in until the last spoon to give a unique experience to each and every unit that we create with love and devotion.

All prices in Euro, and do not include closing cost estimated on 10% for Parcelation and Tabu (registering the unit under private name) The units will be ready within a year and a half.


Management Company

Via Egnatia will be operated by a well established management company under YAMAS real estate company.

We are based in Thessaloniki, a few minutes walking from the building.

The building will be branded and promoted in order to get the right attraction that we want and to create a high occupancy rate.

Investor Strategy

Via Egnatia is a branded Airbnb building in one of the most popular squares in Thessaloniki.

The proximity to the up coming metro and to the famous shopping area gives Via Egnatia the value as a very unique building in the area.

Via Egnatia will operate as a short term lease for tourists and professionals who would like to stay in the heart of Thessaloniki.

Our suggestion for the investor is to hold the apartment for 3-5 years and then sell it back to the market. The value will go up while collecting the Short term rental and the great pacilities that the building has to offer – 2 elevators, a gym and the branded stores to complete the entire experience.

For more information please contact us in the contact form and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.


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תמונת פרופיל של ניר לייבל


Nir is an operations expert and developer; our man in the field. Owner of a number of real estate companies. Former special unit in the Ministry of Defense. He has experience in global real estate investments since 2014, and has initiated more than 700 units, including private homes, large residential projects and commercial projects in both the US and Greece.

תמונת פרופיל של דסי לייבל


Dasi is the heart of the activity in Greece, marketing management, customer relations and sales. Owner of a number of real estate companies. She is an entrepreneur and lecturer in the field of real estate investments, with years of experience in the American and Greek markets, and with a record of hundreds of investment units in various projects.

תמונת פרופיל של ירון בלום


Lecturer, strategist and owner of a number of real estate companies, specializes in financial models of investments, raising capital and leverage in real estate. Responsible for the growth strategy and owner of the community I am a yielding asset that helps investors in locating and making investments adapted to them.

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